Quality as a Competitive Advantage.


Jabil leverages its global quality systems and processes to deliver superior manufacturing execution and ensure the highest quality levels for our customers. Firmly anchored in a customer centric strategy, Jabil’s quality organization drives initiatives designed to continuously improve our processes through partnering with our customers in developing quality roadmaps that deliver results.

Global System and Certification

Jabil sites around the world operate on one, unified quality system ensuring zero systemic breakdowns and cross-site preventive action. We provide customized, dependable systems for our customers that are compliant with all applicable governmental regulations and industry requirements.  

Jabil standardizes its operations across the globe, ensuring system and process interoperability that provides a common look and feel to manufacturing and quality in all our facilities. We enable our customers to seamlessly grow globally by providing a common best practice platform. To proactively ensure we have the highest quality operations and customer service in our industry, Jabil undergoes a rigorous global TÜV quality management system audit that tests our global standards each year.

Advanced Quality Planning

Jabil strives to have the most robust product introduction system in the industry through risk mitigation, mistake proofing and automation. We have deployed a four-phased quality planning approach (planning, evaluation, validation, and confirmation) to mitigate customer quality risk and ensure seamless product startups.

Quality Engineering

We are focused on deploying best practices to achieve and maintain best in class quality levels through process improvement, global manufacturing process quality standards, employee development and a zero-defects culture.

Quality Metrics

We monitor key metrics, from customer loyalty and satisfaction through operations quality performance, ensuring our services are executed to meet and exceed customer expectations. Key metrics include Net Promoter Score, quarterly business reviews, customer corrective action, customer return rate, external audit performance, cost of quality, first pass yield and out of box audit.

Quality in Healthcare Division

Patient safety is our priority. Jabil has registered ten of its facilities (Auburn Hills, Chicago, Clinton, Guadalajara, Mebane, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Tijuana and Vienna) through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our quality systems ensure that our medical customers receive the best possible care and execution.

Design for Manufacturability

Jabil’s quality systems for engineering design services ensure quality is built in to the design from the beginning and we startup our customers’ new products with exceptional yields.


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Industry Recognized Quality Certifications

  • Manufacturing: ISO 9001
  • Automotive: ISO TS 16949
  • Telecommunications: TL 9000
  • Aerospace: ISO 27001 and AS 9100
  • Medical: FDA, ISO 13485, ANVISA and JPAL
  • Environment: ISO 14001
  • Health & Safety: OHSAS 18001
  • ESD: ESD 20:20

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