Secure Sites, Products and People.

Delivering a new product first to market gives companies a distinct advantage in today’s global marketplace. It’s the difference between being a market-leader over the next market cycle and being an also-ran. And in this world of constant acceleration, protecting intellectual property in the early stages of product design and development is simultaneously more important and more challenging than ever.

That’s why Jabil takes security so seriously. We recognize that customers trust us with their most treasured products, assets and intellectual property. To preserve that trust, our leadership dedicates significant resources to security and maintains robust Global Security team of senior professionals with proven track records. Our team of world-class professionals makes sure that in all we do, Jabil exceeds our customers’ security needs. Our Global Security team also develops strong relationships with our customers to facilitate collaboration, understand their expectations and build roadmaps for the successful production of their product. This fierce commitment to security is at the forefront of every one of our customer engagements.

Internal Security Organization

Jabil has a formal Corporate Security organization led by the Global Head of Security, who is responsible for all physical security and customer protection matters at Jabil.

Customized Security Solutions

Our Global Security team creates custom and executable security plans to secure, protect and reduce risk around customers’ intellectual property, manufactured assets and proprietary processes. 

Confidentiality Agreements

Jabil employees and service providers are required to sign nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, demonstrating their commitment to Jabil, our customers and security.

Asset Protection

Jabil establishes and maintains asset inventory processes for its main physical and customer property. Our customized processes assure that Jabil can trace and track high value assets to eliminate loss.

Site Security

Physical access controls are implemented at all Jabil sites. Controls vary by location, but typically include card-reader access to facilities, site security staff and defined procedures for visitor access control.

Incident Management

Jabil employees are made aware that security incidents must be reported immediately. We have documented procedures for the receipt and handling of incidents.  


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