Supply Chain Management

Innovative, Proactive and Differentiated Supply Chain Management.

For decades, market leaders have relied on their global supply chains to drive competitive advantage. Over time, the accelerating pace of change has put an even higher premium on the need to increase flexibility, agility and scalability while reducing costs and managing growing complexity in their supply chains. The window for bringing new products to market has narrowed as technological innovation has emerged; new competitors have entered the fray; and new market segments and geographies lay open for expansion.

That’s why since 1966, Jabil has offered and continually innovated the most advanced supply chain management capabilities in the world. We’ve distinguished ourselves by adding a wide-range of supply chain engineering services that make us an end-to-end, one-stop shop. Our team of experts is known internationally for its operational excellence, and we work collaboratively to design and implement intelligent supply chains that bring flexibility, security and speed to meet demanding deadlines. We have the cross-industry expertise required to stay up-to-speed on changing market forces and requirements. We have built an ecosystem of suppliers that scale to deftly meet our customers ever-changing needs. And Jabil has developed analytic tools to track and capture data in real-time to provide visibility to reduce risk and sustainable cost leadership for our customers. 

Ultimately, Jabil enables end-to-end supply chain solutions that enhance innovation, create growth opportunities, reduce risk, drive optimal cost and deliver complete supply chain visibility.


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