Leverage a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

Continuous improvement of every aspect of the supply chain is critical. From real-time monitoring of supply, to constant security analysis and lean six sigma process improvements, Jabil is committed to making great products even better every day.


Jabil recognizes that customers trust us with their most treasured products, assets and intellectual property. To preserve that trust, our leadership dedicates significant resources to security and maintains a robust Global Security team of senior professionals with proven track records. This fierce commitment to security is at the forefront of every one of our customer engagements.

Supply Chain

We have the cross-industry expertise required to stay up-to-speed on changing market forces and requirements. We have built an ecosystem of suppliers that scale to deftly meet our customers ever-changing needs. And Jabil has developed analytic tools to track and capture data in real-time to provide visibility that reduces risk and sustainable cost leadership for our customers. 

Lean Six Sigma

The ongoing use of Lean and Six Sigma principles throughout the company has enabled Jabil to improve manufacturing efficiency; reduce variations, defects and costs; eliminate product development waste and non-value added activities; improve process value stream flow; and deliver customer products in the most effective way.


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