3D Printing

Jabil offers strategic capabilities to its customers by utilizing the latest technologies of 3D printing. This can both expedite the prototyping process and reduce errors before production tooling.


3D printed parts can be made in a few hours, instead of days, giving designers a relatively immediate physical piece to analyze and adjust. Prototypes are fully functional and tests are conducted under actual user conditions, illustrating necessary design changes due to situational needs. Using 3D printing during prototyping increases confidence in, and quality of, the final manufactured product.

Improving Capabilities

Jabil’s designers, engineers and system architects are constantly conducting cost, material and speed tests to more effectively match our customers’ needs to the appropriate machine and process. We have conducted research on equipment and strategies using both Stratasys and 3D Systems. Feasibility studies on surface quality improvement process of 3D build tool via UV polymerization process and trial in 3D printed tool are also areas in which Jabil seeks to bring value to our customers.


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