Active Alignment

Active Alignment for Camera Module Assembly

Camera module demand is growing, driven by recent advances in, and demands for, mobile technology such as smart phones and tablet computers, as well as growth in medical device and automotive applications.

And not just any camera module will satisfy the increasingly savy users. To achieve the highestfocus quality across the image area, Jabil's experts use Active Alignment to move camera lens in five or six degrees of freedom, relative to image sensor. This process allows for more accurate placement of the lens than the traditional passive alignment.

How Jabil's Customers Benefit from Active Alignment

As higher resolution cameras and optical devices continues to improve, the process and accuracy of positioning the lens to the sensor must be improved to realize the added benefits and the overall image quality the camera produces.

Jabil understands this need and has developed advanced automation and integration technologies to maintain productivity, achieve higher yields and offer customers cost competitive solutions.


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