Adding Strategic Value through Automation.

At Jabil, we’re not just adding automation equipment, we’re adding strategic value and creating a long-term competitive advantage for our customers as we partner to bring the next generation of products and equipment to market.

For customers, this means improved productivity, enhanced consistency, higher quality, plant safety and reduced waste. Paired with Jabil’s global access, we deliver solutions in close proximity to customers’ end users, resulting in faster time-to-market, quicker product innovations and lower costs. 

Jabil's Automation Expertise

Jabil’s automation expertise builds upon our strong, disciplined manufacturing foundation and compliments our delivery of vertically integrated solutions.

Maximizing the use of assets means that Jabil's customers benefit from assembly automation without the burden of high initial tooling costs. Our worldwide approach to automation lowers the risk of manufacturing in emerging geographies.

Jabil’s Automation expertise includes:

  • Flexible Automation: enabling the deployment of configurable assembly modules that accommodate multiple robots and processes to assemble, inspect, test, customize and package products in both High Mix/Low Volume and High Volume/Low Mix production.
  • Full Automation: entire assembly lines are fully automated for high volume manufacturing, resulting in high efficiency and through-put.
  • Precision Assembly: allowing for precise location and placement of complex and non-standard components to support the trend toward miniaturization while maintaining quality.
  • Process Automation: robots ensure consistency for processes like polishing, painting and grinding. Process automation also encompasses the use of robots to load and unload machines with speed and consistency.
  • Custom Automation: unique automation solutions for products and processes for which there are no existing machines.


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