Control Tower

End-To-End Visibility.
Managing Complexity.
Cross-Functional Collaboration.

Supply chains are significantly more complex today compared to 10, 20 or 30 years ago.  Mass globalization; customers demanding greater speed and customization; shortening product lifecycles; challenging economic conditions; and geopolitical threats are all factors which have paved the way for new ways of managing the flow of materials from the raw materials manufacturer to the end consumer. Supply chain flexibility, cost management and risk mitigation are core focus areas of any supply chain company. 

What comes with this is a greater need for visibility and control.

In response, Jabil’s best-in-the-business engineers developed Jabil InControl, Jabil’s proprietary web-based, mobile Intelligent Control Tower™ platform. Jabil InControl delivers intelligent supply chain design focused on maximized customer service level, long term sustainability and lowest landed cost. Jabil InControl™ helps customers understand their supply chain by using unique visualizations and analytics to pinpoint areas of concern, risk or pressure points in the supply chain before they become problems.

Control Tower lessens risk through multi-tier management of parts and supplier to proactively protect against supply chain disruption.  And with our advanced analytics we identify opportunities to minimize costs, improve supply chain flexibility and mitigate risk. With Jabil InControl, customers can partner with Jabil to build flexible, sustainable and efficient world-class supply chains.

What our customers are saying about Jabil InControl™:


"The Control Tower is supply chain Nirvana"

 -Large Clothing Manufacturer’s Head of Supply Chain, May 2014

"Jabil has a rocket to go to Mars and we are on a bicycle"

 -Mulitnational Appliance Company's CPO

Jabil’s Control Tower supports the following capabilities

  • Consumer Intelligence: Understanding end-customer needs and demand through social sentiment and telemetry
  • Operations: Track inventory, orders and shipments in real-time to speed products to market
  • Supply & Demand: Precise supply visibility and exception management that safeguards product delivery commitments
  • Logistics and Strategic Footprint: Scenario-based decisions with advanced analytics to design the optimal lowest cost footprint
  • Design, Engineering & Technology: From collaborating on customer prototypes to tracking performance in the field through telemetry
  • Supplier Radar™: Respond quickly to geographic threats by tapping into Jabil’s proprietary supplier status radar tool
  • Unique and Intuitive Supply Chain Diagnostics: Continually improve flexibility by running proactive diagnostics for every node in the supply chain
  • Comprehensive and Proactive Risk Management: Implement the right supply chain strategies now to prevent future disruptions and lost revenue

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