Decorative Mobile Phones

Advances in manufacturing techniques make it possible to mold beautiful mobile phones surfaces with a myriad of design choices.

Digital Printing

Jabil engineers have developed new manufacturing techniques that can produce beautiful, high resolution images in mobile phone molds. Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images on a mobile device surfaces. New lamination processes provide stronger bonding than glue.


Overmolding manufacturing techniques allow engineers to combine synthetic materials at the surface layer to give mobile phone molds a textured appearance like leather and fabric. With wood overmolding the surface can be etched with lasers to create a decorative design and new coating techniques protect the wood from humidity and chemical corrosion.

These new surfaces are durable, easy to clean and scratch resistant. The new lamination and molding processes help to keep dust, air, moisture and chemicals out of the mobile phone making it less prone to having usability issues.


What Jabil Brings to Decorative Metals, Plastics and Coatings

Digital Printing

  • Digital Printing on Plastic: Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images on physical surfaces.
  • Digital Printing on In-mold Labeling (IML):  Combines digital printing and forming technology to produce 3D enclosures with high resolution decoration.
  • Digital Printing on Glass:  Print high resolution images on second surface of glass.
  • Tactile Digital Printing:  Print high resolution tactile images on surface.

Woven Fiber Overmolding

  • Woven Fiber Overmolding: Over mold fabric with resin gives appearance of woven fiber texture.

Leather and Fabric Overmolding

  • Leather and Fabric Overmolding: Combines synthetic materials as the surface layer and the plastic as the structure by insert molding gives a fashion look and feel.

Wood Overmolding

  • Wood Overmolding: Combines real woods as the surface layer and the plastic as the structure by insert molding gives a real wood texture and appearance.

In Mold (IMF) Forming

  • In Mold Forming: Creates decoration by inserting film molding making it easy to change colors and graphics.

Color Changing Paint

  • Color Changing Paint: A coating that changes color at different views, angles and temperatures.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) on Metal

  • Physical Vapor Deposition on Metal: Atomistic deposition of ceramic thin films onto a metal substrate using arc and sputtering to vaporize metal targets provides long lasting protection against scratch and wear.

High Gloss Anodizing (HGA)

  • High Gloss Anodizing: Synergy of anodizing and polishing treatments to create a special, shiny texture on aluminum metal housing.

Metal Surface Texturing Technology

  • Metal Surface Texturing: Creates texture by integration sandblast, hairline and polish effects on metal surface.


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