Die-Cutting Solutions

Jabil’s die-cutting production methods bring highly differentiated products to market faster and more efficiently by using precision and automated manufacturing processes.

  • Rotary
  • Flat-bed
  • Laser
  • Clamshell

Jabil adds immediate value to your project through the Early Supplier Integration process.

Benefits include:

  • No risk or liability on material selection at end-of-life
  • Material optimization on web layout
  • Scrap minimization via expert design guidance
  • Design for manufacturability, capabilities and limitation analysis
  • Elimination assembly steps
  • Immediate cost savings

Our experts offer world class precision die-cut components manufactured to your specification and tolerance requirements.

Die-Cutting Product Groups

  • Absorption/Dampening
  • Acoustic Meshes
  • Bonding Adhesives
  • Dual Functionality
  • Electromagnetic Interference/Electrical
  • Gaskets
  • Surface Protection Film
  • Thermal Management


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Applications include:

  • Dust protection
  • Light blocking
  • Acoustic Porting
  • Shock absorption
  • Speaker & microphone mesh
  • Optically clear adhesives
  • Protectiion films
  • Replacement of mechanical fasteners

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