Flexible Automation

Flexible automation provides a sustainable and globally competitive solution for our customers and has advantages in many different industries, especially those with product design variations and where product lifecycles are shorter. It also supports faster new product introduction and ramp to production.

An automation system that is flexible enables the global deployment of configurable assembly modules that accommodate multiple robots and processes. It is capable of producing a variety of parts with virtually no time lost for changeovers, reprogramming and altering the physical set-up.

Jabil's dedicated automation teams include some of the leading automation experts across the globe. These teams give us the foundation to create solutions that will put you ahead of your competitors and become a leader in your industry.

A Leader in Manufacturing Automation

Jabil maintains a leadership position in the industry and utilizes automation along with our world-class manufacturing workforce to deliver the lowest cost, highest quality, most efficient products for our customers.


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Jabil's flexible automation solutions include:

  • Automated inspection
  • Sophisticated quantitative and cosmetic testing processes
  • Odd-form component assembly
  • Label placement
  • Screw driving and adhesive dispensing
  • Packaging
  • Point-to-point soldering

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