Heavy Fuel Engines for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Jabil has the exclusive license to manufacture and sell XRDi’s family of reliable, heavy fuel engines that can run on multiple fuels. This series of durable, lightweight, fuel efficient engines significantly increases mission endurance while substantially lowering operational costs.

Engine Attributes

  • Durable and Reliable - Designed to achieve better than 500 hours of Time Before Overhaul
  • Multi-Fuel Capabable - Designed to run on JP-8, JP-5, Jet-A, kerosene and gasoline; fuels can be mixed in the same tank
  • Excellent Fuel Economy - XRDi engines have 30 to 40 percent better fuel economy than typical gasoline engines; better than .55 Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
  • Weight - Engines weigh approximately 1 pound per horsepower
  • Scalable - Mechanically Compressed Direct Injection (MCDI) technology is scalable
  • Cold Start - Technology independently tested with JP-8 to -30 degrees Celsius without cold starting aids
  • Altitude Tested - Technology independently tested to 25,000 feet, with a normal power lapse rate
  • ECU Controlled - Electronic Control Unit

Jabil is collaborating with XRDi, a technology leader in the development and implementation of advanced power solutions, to commercialize these engines for the global small engine and power generation markets. Potential applications include Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, man-portable generators, ground robots and other applications needing multi-fuel capabilities.


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Engine Series:

  • 530cc Liquid Cooled Multi-Fuel Engine
  • 265cc Liquid Cooled Multi-Fuel Engine
  • 140cc Multi-Fuel Engine
  • 70cc Multi-Fuel Engine
  • 40cc Multi-Fuel Engine

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