High-Mix Low-Volume

High-Mix Low-Volume is a manufacturing environment where the products being made vary in application, lot size and production process. High-Mix Low-Volume facilities have the ability to very quickly change over product requirements and convert assembly lines. They can also ramp up to accommodate increased volume.

Since 2007, Jabil's Industrial & Energy team has developed the unique ability to simplify the volatility and variability of High-Mix Low-Volume manufacturing. This assures long term reliability and helps achieve global scale and efficiency as quickly as possible. Jabil has developed an extensive global footprint and capabilities in supply chain, logistics and inventory management that allow us to be highly flexible and responsive to dynamic changes in a cost effective manner.

Jabil's Industrial & Energy Customer Lot Size

Nearly 50% of Jabil’s Industrial & Energy manufacturing is in lot sizes of 50 or less.



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Jabil's High-Mix Low-Volume Expertise

  • Specialized kitting and product planning
  • Advanced planning tools and techniques optimize preparation sequence, batch sizes and staging
  • Leveraged distribution network and purchasing optimizes inventory management
  • Standardized inter-plant product transfer process for business continuity and low transfer costs

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