Human Machine Interface

Touch technologies are quickly becoming the way we interact with most of our devices today. Jabil is the convergence point to bring together various technologies, materials and design techniques.

Current market segments:

  • Industrial
  • Clean Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • White Goods
  • Consumer
  • Automotive

Human-Machine Interface is a technology that incorporates various aspects of Jabil and its affiliates' technologies and capabilities.

Jabil's Advanced Materials

  • Jabil’s vacuum metallization process
  • Low profile, in-film light guides and molded light pipes technologies for larger ICON backlighting
  • Conductive ink on film
  • Digital printing technologies
  • In mold label injection molding techniques

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Precision assembly of 3-dimensional, curved functional touch surfaces
  • Robot enabled automation of complex integrated large area, flexible components


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Jabil’s Human-Machine Interface solutions and capabilities include:

  • Discreet switches
  • Sliders
  • Morphing glass surfaces - indicators and displays
  • Vibrant multicolored decorative films
  • Multi-touch features utilizing a unique flexible film/conductive ink technology

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