Machine-to-Machine Telemetry

Not long ago, engineers considered it a job well done if the machine they designed operated efficiently, reliably and economically. But increasingly they are coming face-to-face with a new and often overriding design mandate: connectivity.

Whether the device in question is a machine tool, oil platform, utility meter or medical diagnostic tool, manufactures now want to design in telematics technology that lets vital data on the machine flow to those responsible for maintenance, inventory control, marketing, energy management and more.

Despite the fact that cloud-based M2M communication is still in its infancy, it is experiencing fast adoption rates. Moreover, current trends point to a M2M telemetry boom that will eclipse that of web-based consumer-to-consumer connections. By 2020, some 50 billion devices could be connected. In short, when it comes to web-based communications in future years, you’ll see far more data-driven transactions between things than between people.


What Jabil Brings to Machine-to-Machine Telemetry:

  • Jabil partners with some of the world's leading brands in designing machine-to-machine telemetry capability for things like: Semiconductor equipment; Industrial controls; Smart metering; Appliance energy management; Oil exploration; and Home security.
  • Jabil provides entire turnkey solutions or we work with customers' particular hardware, software or system integration, including business intelligence software for analyzing data.
  • With more than 3,000 engineers and 90 factories around the world, Jabil can also supply machine-to-machine telemetry design and manufacturing solutions close to where customers’ equipment will be deployed.


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