Medical Device Miniaturization

The term "miniaturization" is widely accepted in our vernacular as a positive step in product development. Reducing components to create less space, product footprint and more affordable medical devices are ongoing objectives for manufacturers today. Jabil strives to integrate new innovative technologies into product design and manufacturing as continual miniaturization of medical devices is a focus of the healthcare thought process. 

Miniaturization is a constantly moving target. Once a novel, new technology sets a higher bar for miniaturization standards, the next ambitious goal is to achieve an even thinner and smaller device. Industry trends, including minimally invasive surgical devices and home health care delivery, demand more sophisticated medical portable devices and easy-to-use electronics which may not be a core competency of medical device manufacturers.

An example is minimally invasive surgery. Accessing the surgical environment dictates that there must be a target level of miniaturization achieved for an effective procedure. Visual enhancement of a surgical instrument using a miniaturized camera on the distal tip provides better visibility for the physician in device placement.

Working with Jabil's design team in the early stages of a product offers medical device manufacturers a host of advantages, including:

  • Optimization (or right-sizing) of product design
  • Reduction in materials or assembly costs
  • Speed-to-market
  • Specialized advanced technology expertise
  • Flexibility and global reach

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What Nypro and Jabil bring to medical device miniaturization:

  • Miniaturized component technologies
  • Advanced power management technologies
  • Miniaturization of sensors for desired form factor
  • Flexible, high-performance, low-cost display technologies
  • Improved performance in less space and volume

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