Medical Portable Device Design

Gartner, Inc. predicts that 65 percent of enterprises will adopt a mobile device management solution for their users over the next five years. Functionality needs to be on an even higher level as mobile functions like global positioning systems, acceleration sensing and long-lasting operation are a must for many mobile applications.

Expectations for medical portable devices to deliver desktop-level performance are also high. Such advancements in technology are revolutionizing how medical practitioners think about healthcare. All those expectations and demands lead to increased power and performance requirements within the boundaries of limited space and weight.

Jabil designers tackle the problem from different angles to optimize portable device design.

Minimum power requirements - Minimizing power requirements requires minimizing overall system requirements. Jabil's design teams utilize this strategy to the beenfit of each device’s power and production budgets.

Advanced power management technologies - Jabil's design team keeps pace with the most advanced power management technologies at the level of both integrated solutions and discrete components. Advanced silicon technologies reduce power demands, increase integration and improve power conversion efficiencies.

Designing a smart system - Jabil's portable device designers develop smart systems to improve the portable device’s performance.


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What Nypro and Jabil bring to Medical Portable Device Design:

  • Advanced power management technologies
  • Low power memory solutions
  • ISO 13485, FDA compliance
  • Mechanical enclosure design
  • Complex & miniature precision mechanisms
  • Complex opto-electronics modules
  • Analog sensor integration
  • Displays, buttons, touch control panels
  • Handheld and on-body form factors
  • Drivers, diagnostic software
  • User interface, application software

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