Jabil and Sypro Optics joined forces in 2008 to create Jabil's Optical Technology Group. Today, this dedicated design engineering team services a broad range of applications, including customized optoelectronics modules for Healthcare and Life Science, Digital Projection, Automotive and Lighting Management.

Jabil provides advanced optics design engineering services for gesture recognition, augmented reality and advanced sensor systems applications. Our scope includes collaborative design and design to specification for customer specific optical as well as opto-electronic modules. We focus on design services for mobile devices, automotive and healthcare.

Our customers enjoy our proven expertise in miniaturized projection engines and specialized camera systems. By developing long-term relationships with our customers and  collaborating on design, we create differentiated products. By combining design engineering services and manufacturing, we help customers grow revenue and margin.

Core Competencies

  • Optical, mechanical and electronic design
  • Joint development and design-in support
  • Prototyping and product industrialization
  • Quality management and prototype validation
  • Global project management
  • Illumination with solid state light sources (LED, Laser, OLED)
  • Digital image projection (DLP®, LCoS, LCD, MEMS)
  • Image capturing (CCD, CMOS)
  • Assembly technologies for opto-mechanical modules
  • Integration of opto-electronic systems

The Jabil Optics Difference

Jabil has several key differentiators in optics, such as a patented active alignment process, optical test technologies for high volume manufacturing and expertise in chip-on-board technology. The competitive advantage afforded from these differentiators allows us to design in key optical product areas like vascular imaging, gesture recognition and large format displays.


  • Extreme miniaturization of opto-electronic modules; lowest form factor in industry
  • Light management with highest efficiency in industry
  • Light weight systems by using a variety of different materials
  • Customer friendly interfaces (mechanical, optical, electrical, thermal)

Our History

  • 2013: Laser projection modules for gesture recognition in production
  • 2012: Automotive windshield head-up display demonstrator
  • 2011: Extend engineering services into healthcare, automotive and LED lighting
  • 2009: Focus on mobile projection, camera modules and industrial applications
  • 2008: Sypro Optics becomes a 100% daughter of Jabil Circuit Inc. and acts as Jabil Optical Technology Group
  • 2006: Foundation Sypro Optics GmbH, a Jabil & Carl Zeiss Joint Venture
  • 1996: Carl Zeiss Business Unit Display Technologies: Design and manufacturing of projection display modules for business projectors, pocket projectors and rear projection TV

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