Smart Plug

Smart Plug is an intelligent energy monitoring and control system developed to meet the Smart Energy needs of the future.

  • Provides flexibility for the customer to select either a WiFi or Zigbee wireless interface in the final product
  • Gives consumers the power to monitor energy consumption and make choices on how to conserve energy based on usage habits and varying electricity rates
  • Consumers can schedule when devices turn on/off, when functions are performed and check to see if devices are left on when not in use from anywhere in the world
  • Scalable to any device application whether inside a plug, inside the monitored device’s enclosure or inside a wall outlet
  • The Ethernet-Zigbee Gateway is compatible with any Zigbee Smart Energy 1.0 compliant device, can be used with an existing home automation system based on this standard and turn a user’s common wireless router into a Zigbee gateway


Various market segments can take advantage of Smart Plug technology by offering their customers the ability to monitor & control their consumption & energy costs.

  • Energy Suppliers and Meter Companies
  • Appliance Manufacturers
  • Home Automation & Security

The Jabil Difference

Our recent investments in Smart Energy have allowed us to develop the technologies, manufacturing techniques and the capabilities that our customers need to create a competitive edge in the market. Jabil’s proven processes and investments in technologies, materials and global footprint promote scale and efficiency for product deployment. Our depth and breadth of Industrial & Energy experience further supports our customers’ ability to bring innovative products to market.


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