The Jabil Code

Jabil's unique Company culture, centered on having the best people in the world and empowering them to excel, has made us a leader in the diversified manufacturing industry. We have nurtured this culture carefully over the years and I am deeply gratified by the way people from all over the world have readily accepted and worked hard to preserve the unique characteristics of Jabil's culture. I would like to remind everyone that an important part of our culture is to conduct our business with the highest regard for integrity and business ethics. As we have grown, we have formalized aspects of our Company culture in training through Jabil’s Learning and Development Team and the "Rules of the Road". We believe it is equally important for us to formalize our expectations regarding business integrity and ethics and our "Jabil Code" will serve this purpose well.

We pride ourselves in being creative, flexible, open and empowering. Our day-to-day business interactions with each other are guided by the Jabil "Rules of the Road". You should look to this set of guidelines to have an appreciation for our unique and empowering Company culture. The "Cultural Creed" portion is particularly helpful in this regard. We believe that by minimizing bureaucracy and maximizing control of your own destiny, you will make the best decisions for the business.

In all cases, our business decisions must strive to be in accordance with the highest degree of professional business ethics. We have an obligation to our shareholders, and to each other, to conduct business lawfully and with the utmost integrity. Look to the Jabil Code for guidance in meeting this important obligation. The Jabil Code is not a list of "thou shall nots." It is simply impossible to envisage all possible business scenarios that might be encountered when drafting a Code such as this, so we expect you to look to this Code as a beginning point for charting the right ethical course to follow. Where the Jabil Code is not explicit and you are in doubt, you only need to employ one essential principle: "Do the right thing".


Mark T. Mondello
Chief Executive Officer