Engineering excellence in all we do — surpassing what’s expected, innovating new solutions, and applying comprehensive expertise throughout the product lifecycle — is the Jabil way. Our global network of engineers spans electrical, optical, software, mechanical, and design disciplines, and our commitment to excellence in all these areas means customers consistently receive best-in-class service. That’s why top-tier brands worldwide, across a broad range of industries, partner with Jabil to address production needs from conceptual design through supply chain management.

To ensure partners can respond quickly to megatrends like mass customization, sensors, connectivity, and miniaturization, Jabil continually invests in new technologies and manufacturing processes, delivering the rapid prototyping, product development, and ramp-to-scale capabilities necessary to be true innovators – today and into the future. In particular, our Digital Engineering Services group drives groundbreaking applications such as digital twins through all phases of production.

With a global footprint of over 100 facilities, 600 dedicated design engineers, and more than 1,500 manufacturing engineers, Jabil delivers engineering excellence – along with the highest level of security for intellectual property – to the world’s leading brands. No matter how complex or demanding the project, Jabil can help you solve it.

Technology and Materials Expertise

With deep expertise in over 1600 industrial capabilities from 3D printing to wireless connectivity, Jabil knows the technologies needed to design, engineer, and cost-effectively manufacture virtually any product. For example, our printed electronics experience has enabled breakthrough approaches in smart packaging. Our expertise in piezoelectrics, thermoelectrics, and photovoltaics has powered smart IoT components. Our advanced assembly technologies enable miniature devices that deliver .0001 ml increments of fluid. Jabil is committed to continually expanding this knowledge and applied innovation.

Making smart material choices for these products — sapphire glass or clear plastic, carbon fiber or thermoplastic composite — requires a deep understanding not only of material technology, but also of manufacturing processes, resource availability, sustainability, and costs. And innovative choices bring up new mandates for testing, regulatory compliance, and quality control. Jabil has unmatched experience balancing all these factors, regardless of whether a product is made of paper, textiles, polymers, or metal.

Product Design Engineering

The best design engineering meets the customer’s needs in the simplest ways by integrating imagination with discipline, expertise, and efficiency. And when designing for manufacturing, this means carefully considering all phases of development and production to create the highest functionality at the lowest cost. Jabil’s design capabilities result from the teamwork of industry-leading industrial, electrical, mechanical, and production engineers. Collaborating with developers from many of the world’s most recognizable brands, they contribute an unmatched breadth of experience in markets as diverse as pharmaceutical delivery systems, mobile devices, and industrial controls. And they apply this experience from the start of the design phase through supply chain management.

In effective product design, prototyping is key. It lets designers, engineers, and marketers virtually explore and optimize a component before investing in tooling, assembly, and test equipment. And it enables accelerated product introduction to bring the best product to market quickly and at scale. With locations in Silicon Valley and Belgium, Jabil rapid prototyping facilities feature state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment run by highly-skilled engineers who transform designs into quality prototypes quickly, efficiently, and economically.

Process Engineering and Innovation

Industrial processes range from moving ore from a railhead to an open-hearth furnace to mixing, milling, drying, and tableting medicines. And when designing, setting up, and optimizing any process, success depends on understanding the intricacies of both the materials and the production machinery. With deep expertise in materials science and over 60-years’ experience manufacturing everything from capital equipment to pharmaceutical delivery systems, Jabil has amassed world-renowned insight into process engineering for virtually every market segment.

This kind of insight isn’t easy to gain – typically, every industry has its own secret sauce cooking in the control room. Yet the depth of Jabil’s experience draws top operators and engineers from every industry, compounding process expertise. From increasing product output and de-bottlenecking operations to conserving energy and developing new systems, Jabil process engineers consistently innovate optimized workflows and production lines.

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