Innovation is more than imagining new products. As an attitude, it can be part of all business practices, from design engineering to setting up a supply chain. An innovative attitude not just finds a solution but also looks for a better way. Jabil is committed to this attitude: thinking differently, approaching opportunities in new ways to consistently improve quality, reduce costs, and speed time-to-market.

New product development, from brainstorming through prototyping, is an exciting phase. Yet generating ideas, creating and refining requirements, tooling-up for beta tests, and iterating changes are activities that work best in the context of hard experience. Knowing the constraints ahead of time, such as market conditions, regulatory factors, and manufacturability, speeds progress by focusing on choices with the greatest potential for success. That’s why worldwide Jabil new product introduction (NPI) centers nurture your ideas together with unmatched design and engineering experience.

Once a product goes to market, innovating incremental improvements is how leaders stay in front. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing an automation workflow to speed throughput. Sometimes it’s as rewarding as designing truly recyclable barrier packaging. In all cases, extensive expertise in materials, processes, and supply chains is a prerequisite to cost-efficient and effective product enhancements. 

Insight to Strategy

Creating a successful product for a particular market requires understanding the industry, identifying the target audience, evaluating the competition, seeing the barriers-to-entry, and comprehending end-to-end production and delivery challenges. In all these areas, Jabil helps partners innovate top products through superior, user-inspired design, testing, and execution. Our teams of talented brand and product strategists include top human-factors specialists, designers, engineers, and quality professionals. They collaborate with partners to create innovation strategies that reflect skilled and disciplined:

  • Market and business model analysis
  • Demand and user-experience analysis
  • Market and product validation

We replace traditional functional silos with constant iteration, testing, and user touchpoints integrated throughout the phases of discovery, design, and development. How? Jabil has over 60 years of deep, integrated manufacturing experience and capabilities, successfully innovating and designing thousands of products for hundreds of customers.

Concept to Product

Jabil’s speeds time-to-market with rapid prototyping capabilities that integrate complete user insight, design, build, analysis, and testing services – all offered under one roof. For example, our Silicon Valley lab is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment including additive-manufacturing (3D) printers, CT scanners, and 5-axis CNC machines as well as finish, paint, and assembly and cleanroom and testing facilities. Integrated strategy, research, design, engineering, and implementation services rapidly iterate, build, and test innovative customer ideas, enabling proof-of-concept models to be produced in as little as five weeks compared to traditional 3-6 month requirements.

Beyond prototyping, Jabil’s advanced additive manufacturing expertise enables cost-effective, low-volume manufacturing for test marketing – as well as specialized tooling and part replacement. And, our design-for-manufacturing expertise further accelerates deliveries by ensuring optimal production processes.

Product to Revenue

Converting raw materials and assembling components into goods that consistently exceed expectations — making the best possible products in a Lean, Six Sigma environment — requires three disciplines:

  • Optimizing consumption — using the precise amount of materials, capacity, and manpower needed to meet demand with minimal waste
  • Maximizing quality — sourcing appropriate raw materials and refining production processes to enable near-zero-defect fabrication
  • Accelerating production — building flexibility into processes and the supply chain to cost-effectively adapt to fast-changing consumer demands

Our Lean, Industry 4.0 manufacturing techniques – consistently accelerating innovation and speeding time-to-market – have been perfected over decades at over 100 locations worldwide. From value-stream mapping to rank-order clustering, Jabil expertise smooths and levels production to provide our customers with the greatest-possible outcomes at the least-possible cost. And, our manufacturing network integrates seamlessly with Jabil’s Intelligent Digital Supply Chain to optimize not only how we make products, but where we make and deliver them.

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