Jabil Penang Brings Awareness to Critical Health Topics

Tue Apr 25 00:00:00 EDT 2017

Jabil Penang Brings Awareness to Critical Health Topics


For the last four years, Jabil Penang has made a concerted effort to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS and educate employees on how to best protect themselves and their family against it. The site approached this sensitive topic by having informational booths, interactive educational games and a Stop AIDS Wish Board, which encouraged employees to make a wish on red ribbons to end the spread of HIV. 

“Our employees at every level truly embraced this awareness campaign because they understand the importance of this topic in the region," said Reanuga Subramaniam, Jabil Penang Human Resources Generalist. “We’re empowering our employees with knowledge to help make a difference in their community and the world.” 

The Jabil Penang Peer Educators Group develops campaigns around specific women’s health issues to promote at the site. There work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The Penang State Family Health Development Association recognized the site’s World AIDS Day event as a best practice and plans to use their interactive games at future events in the community. 

World AIDS Day began in 1988 in the hopes of decreasing the number of new AIDS and HIV-positive cases, with red ribbons worn in global solidarity of those who have been diagnosed or have died from the illness. Almost 40 million people live with HIV around the world – about 14 percent of those are living in Asia and Asia Pacific, according to the international organization AVERT. 


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