Acting responsibly toward our environment, employees, and communities goes beyond policies and mandates at Jabil — it’s embedded in our values.

Jabil is committed to ensuring employees have a safe workplace where they are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. We invest in making the lives of our people better, including innovative programs to educate and empower women, recruit and integrate people with physical disabilities, and provide valuable training. Since 2012, Jabil has been at the forefront of collaborating with labor recruitment agencies early on and directly providing safe housing and empowering social and cultural assimilation programs to help our employees to thrive, both in their professional and personal lives. We reward employees all over the world for superior performance and helping others while supporting Jabil’s Guiding Principles.

Around the world, Jabil empowers employees to support causes and initiatives most relevant to them and their communicates through community volunteering, in-kind giving, and partnerships. Their passion for helping others is remarkable and contributes to building strong, resilient communities.

We make decisions with the environment in mind, and are continually employing new efforts to lighten our impact on natural resources. Since 2007, Jabil has participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project, as a top performer in the Information Technology category.

We continually strive to ensure our operations all over the world are meeting those high standards while we help our customers stay on the cutting edge of green technology and green product design. We believe these investments make Jabil a more sustainable company and partner to our customers who share our values.


Jabil’s strategic vision is to be the most technologically advanced and trusted manufacturing solutions provider in the world. To accomplish this, we must attract and retain the brightest talent in our industry. We provide a safe and welcoming place to work where diversity is valued and individuals are empowered to build rewarding careers as a member of the Jabil family. We continually invest in our approximately 150,000+ employees through important health services, training, educational opportunities and recognition programs.


Every year, Jabil spends approximately US$13 billion with more than 22,000 direct suppliers to secure the inputs and materials that go into the products we manufacture. Our comprehensive approach to responsible sourcing is resulting in a more efficient use of Jabil resources and driving a stronger culture of accountability among our suppliers.


As a global company, Jabil is steadfast in its commitment to reducing environmental impacts and positively impacting the communities in which we operate. In so doing, we are also supporting the sustainability goals of our customers, who seek to track the environmental impact of their supply chains and their products. This includes cutting the amount of energy used in product manufacturing, increasing the amount of recyclable material in our packaging and making packaging easily recyclable.

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