Partnerships with our customers are essential to maximizing our sustainability, and theirs. By making our own factories increasingly more efficient and using green energy to manufacture products, we are also supporting our clients in meeting their own sustainability goals.

Through optimized processes, packaging design and sustainable logistics for world-leading product and consumer brands, we deliver millions in sustainability savings.



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Designing Products and Process Sustainability

By putting circularity and sustainability at the forefront of product design, Jabil makes it easier for customers to create the products conscientious consumers demand. We integrate products with circular economy principals, considering the entire lifecycle, using less material and packaging and more sustainable logistics.


What we can’t reduce, we design for re-use or repurpose. With Jabil’s sustainable designs, packaging assessment and holistic procurement of materials sourcing, customers rely on us to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape with our approach to product design.


  • Use assessment techniques and material science to design solutions that meet customer-specific sustainability goals
  • Assess carbon footprint, recyclability, sustainability and other factors throughout product life cycle
  • Assess and source sustainable materials based on price, supply chain optimization and technical performance

Bringing Sustainable Products to Market

Jabil is also directly supporting and enabling the rapid uptake and adoption of sustainable products in the global market. As a proactive solutions partner with the world’s leading companies, Jabil is helping make renewable energy more efficient, more effective and more competitive with fossil fuels. Our work is integral to bringing solar, wind and electric solutions to market to support customers innovating for a better world.

Innovating for a Circular Economy

Jabil Packaging Solutions is a signatory of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, an initiative led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme. The goal of the Global Commitment sees a world where plastics are part of a circular economy and never becomes waste. We join over 400 signatories, including nearly 200 businesses that represent over 20 percent of the global plastic market. Jabil Packaging is changing how we produce, use and reuse plastic to meet the vision of the Global Commitment, committing to:


  • Eliminate all problematic and unnecessary plastic items
  • Innovate to ensure all plastics are reusable, recyclable or compostable
  • Circulate all the plastic items we use to keep them in the economy and out of the environment

Newsweek Recognizes Jabil

Jabil named to Newsweek’s 2020 Most Responsible Companies list.