Empowering Women through Health Education


Investing in women’s health and providing opportunities to grow professionally in a safe and respectful workplace is an important step in creating sustainable communities and economies.

That investment is especially important for Jabil’s more than 30,000 female employees working in Asia, many of whom migrated hundreds of miles from their families to work. With limited health knowledge, myths and stigma can lead to unhealthy behaviors that leave the women vulnerable to illness and disease.

Since 2009, Jabil has altered that course by providing critical health and leadership training and education for female employees at eight sites in China, Vietnam and India through BSR’s (Business for Social Responsibility’s) HERhealth (Health Enables Returns) Project.

Training is delivered over 12-18 months to Peer Health Educators (PHEs) like ChunHua Wang, who grew up in Sichuan province, a 14-hour train ride from Jabil Shanghai where she’s worked for nearly a decade. Wang and other PHEs continually deliver health knowledge to others through formal and informal events sponsored by Jabil.

“Many young girls don’t know how to protect themselves. I can share health knowledge and keep them healthy,” Wang said.

The partnership between Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and Jabil also includes life coaching, leadership skills, wellness, and critical health education. Employees also gain vital access to healthcare services. Growing up in Lianyungang city, more than 1,100 miles from Jabil Chengdu where she works as an Assistant Production Manager, Crystal Shi didn’t learn the importance of the early detection of breast cancer or prenatal care.

“The importance is that we not only pay attention to self-health, but also can share health management methods with relatives and friends around us, so that more people can understand,” Shi said.

Jabil’s HERHealth program has grown exponentially, with more than 100,000 women trained and more than 400,00 people reached since the program’s inception.

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