Freeing Employees from Bonded Labor

Bonded Labor

Our efforts to protect employees often begin far outside our factory walls and sometimes thousands of miles away, where migrant workers begin their journeys for a better life. Jabil is working build a safer path, helping to shield them from bonded labor.

More than 164 million people migrate for work, and many face a life of bonded labor or other forms of modern slavery. We were among the first in our industry to address bonded labor in the electronics supply chain, protecting the rights of vulnerable migrant workers.

In 2012, illegal deductions in employee paychecks alerted us to instances of bonded labor in our own supply chain, and opened our eyes to hidden abuse. In addition to eliminating more than $300,000 owed by employees to labor agents, we ensured they had control of their personal documents and passports. Most importantly, we gave employees a way to escape bonded labor and the reassurance they can live life without fear.

Today we work to stay a step ahead of unethical agencies and create greater accountability among the agencies we work with, including:

  • Sending our recruiters to the home country for face-to-face hiring
  • Meeting hired employees at the airport when they arrive from their home country
  • Asking employees at least six times if they have been asked to pay illegal fees

We also use our voice, engaging in global initiatives such as the Responsible Labor Initiative and GRI-RLI Task Force on Reporting on Modern Slavery, to make meaningful, measurable impact for both our employees and the many others around the world.

To learn more about what we’re doing to eradicate bonded labor, see our video:

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Freeing Employees from Bonded Labor

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