Making Mental Health a Priority

Employee Well-Being

Jabil is committed to the entire health and well-being of our employees–including their psychological health. When they’re at their best, they’re able to best serve those who counton them every day — their family, friends, customers, colleagues and community.

Mental illness impacts millions of people every year, including one in five U.S. adults. Many face stigma, and fewer than half of them receive treatment. We want to eliminate the stigma around mental health and help our employees and their families identify and leverage the mental health resources they need, wherever they may be.

To that end, we are working hard to enhance our well-being program, and aim to make mental health resources and information more accessible and open to all of our employees.

In 2020, each month we will focus on a different mental health-related issue, including stress, work-life balance, substance abuse awareness, child and adolescent mental health, and relationship skills.

“At Jabil, we tackle challenges by working together and having open, supportive dialogue. Each of us has a role to play in ensuring those suffering feel less afraid to ask for help at the times they need it most. No one needs to be alone.”
— Mark Mondello, CEO

The current COVID-19 crisis highlights the need for such an approach. While the outcomes for those who contract the virus can be terrible, it can also impact people who are not infected by increasing stress, depression, and loneliness caused by continued isolation caused by this global pandemic.

At our facility in Guangzhou, China, many young employees have come from rural areas hundreds of miles away, requiring them to leave their families to live and work. The Guangzhou programs are tailored to address the psychological effects unique to this migration, delivering mental health training for managers and employees, one-on-one consultations, a 24-hour hotline, and a comfort consulting room.

We’ve been taking care of the physical health of our employees for as long as we’ve been in business. Through this program, we are giving equal priority to their mental health.

Learn more about our efforts to address our employees’ health and safety on pages 44-45 in our Sustainability Report PDF.

Sustainability Report PDF

Our Sustainability Report transparently outlines our commitments to fair and safe workplaces, improving our environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable world. Our FY19 Report contains important data and metrics as well as the stories about our employees and partners that bring our impact to life.