Water for People

Tarahumara Community

In 2019, Jabil employees around the world, from China to Mexico and Hungary to Spain spent time in their communities living their values and making an impact. Indeed, some team members’ most valuable work happens outside our factory walls.

For the last four years, Victor Sigala, Sr. Multimedia Design Specialist, has led a team of Jabil Chihuahua volunteers to Norogachi, Mexico, in the remote Sierra Madre Mountains, to build rainwater capture systems for the indigenous Tarahumara people. Crippled by drought, village residents must walk as many as five miles to secure water for drinking, sanitation and animals.

Working with a non-profit organization, Jabil volunteers help to build sloped tin roofs for the homes, which capture the runoff from the rain. The water goes into a storage tank, providing life-giving water for crops and animals, and clean drinking and cooking water throughout the dry season.

Since 2017, Jabil and its employees have funded and installed nine water systems, about three per year. Two employees who placed in Jabil’s global Deliver Best Practices Competition even directed their winnings—a total of $4,000 in corporate donations—to the cause. Last year, Jabil Chihuahua volunteers also brought children’s coats, shoes, and Christmas presents for Tarahumara children.

Learn more about our overall water use strategy on page 36 in our Sustainability Report PDF.

Sustainability Report PDF

Our Sustainability Report transparently outlines our commitments to fair and safe workplaces, improving our environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable world. Our FY19 Report contains important data and metrics as well as the stories about our employees and partners that bring our impact to life.