Closing the Loop on Waste

New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

We envision a world without waste. Our employees are innovating and reimagining new approaches to packaging that will speed the transition from a linear to a circular economy for plastic packaging.

In 2019, Jabil’s packaging division became a signatory to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. This initiative, in collaboration with the United Nations, seeks to change the way we produce, use and reuse plastic. In part, we have pledged to:

  • Leverage our Device and Digital solution suites to minimize plastic packaging intensity and promote reuse through durable/consumable product solutions
  • Provide sustainability solutions for our customers that include 100 percent recyclable or compostable packaging
  • Engage our customers to eliminate problematic and unnecessary plastic packaging from their current solutions
  • Target the use of 10 percent recycled content by 2025, where allowed by law and accepted by our customers

These practices will reduce use of plastic and ensure that any plastic packaging can either be efficiently recycled or become feedstock for another product line. Working together with our customers, we’re making great strides towards a more circular economy.

Learn more about our approach to waste and recycling on pages 38-39 of our Sustainability report PDF.

“As a custom packaging solution provider, we are in a unique position to help the world’s biggest brands reimagine and rejuvenate their packaging portfolios with the ultimate goal of diverting them from the waste stream.”
— Brenda Chamulak, CEO, Jabil Packaging Solutions

Sustainability Report PDF

Our Sustainability Report transparently outlines our commitments to fair and safe workplaces, improving our environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable world. Our FY19 Report contains important data and metrics as well as the stories about our employees and partners that bring our impact to life.