1. Environment
  2. Water

Across our global operations, Jabil is committed to responsibly managing and reducing our water consumption and wastewater discharge.


As a first step toward our water conservation commitment, we are focused on establishing a water use baseline to support future water reduction goals. Toward that end, Jabil invests in water reporting infrastructure, including water meters and accounting systems, that allow us to better understand and manage water-related risks and impacts.

Jabil is also focused on water conservation. Currently, we have eight sites located in water-stressed regions. Looking ahead, we will be focused on completing water savings projects in our most drought prevalent sites.

Jabil Global Water Use* (cubic meters)

(fiscal years) 2015 2016 2017
Water Purchased 11,018,419 12,399,003 11,623,682
Wastewater Discharged 5,256,799 5,185,921 5,755,817

* Estimated, based on site self-reporting (not 3P verified)


Expanding Jabil’s Geographic Footprint Sustainably

In Fiscal 2017, Jabil announced our entry into the aerospace precision machining market with the opening of a facility in Bandung, Indonesia, that manufactures metal components for aircraft systems. In designing and constructing the 90,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, we maintained a strong focus on sustainability. In addition to taking steps to fully optimize the building’s energy performance, the facility has a wastewater system process that recycles 100 percent of its wastewater. It also features water-efficient landscaping and initiatives to reduce water consumption.

Jabil’s new facility in Indonesia utilizes energy and water efficiency solutions.