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Our people, at all levels, are our single greatest competitive advantage. In more than 100 sites in 29 countries, our employees represent the best of what our company is today and where it is going tomorrow.

Jabil competes with global technology companies for top talent, so we’re setting our sights on career offerings that attract and retain the most competitive candidates.


Employee attraction and retention in our industry is a key priority for our leadership team and will be an essential factor in allowing Jabil to be confidently sustainable for years to come. We recruit for unique skill sets in emerging technologies to continuously expand our capabilities, both for Jabil and our customers. Increasingly, top talent is also seeking out Jabil as a “destination employer” that offers career opportunities with exposure to the world’s leading products and brands. 


"World's Most Admired Companies"

In 2017, for the second year in a row, Jabil was named to Fortune's “World's Most Admired Companies” list, a leading report card on corporate reputations. Jabil moved up to #6 in the industry, up from #8 last year, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement. As Jabil’s reputation grows as a best-in-class employer, we are also increasing our ability to recruit for top talent and unique skill sets. 




Inspiring a New Generation of Talent through STEM Education

As a future-focused technology company, it is important that we build a pipeline of young people excited by, and ready for, tomorrow’s opportunities in our industry. Jabil has a long history of mentoring aspiring engineers and technologists through our many science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and volunteer programs.

In Fiscal 2017, Jabil was an inaugural partner of FlexFactor®, a program that immerses high school students into the world of advanced manufacturing. Created by NextFlex, a consortium focused on the shared goal of advancing Flexible Hybrid Electronics, FlexFactor® works to inspire, attract and recruit young people into STEM-based education and career pathways. Over the course of the program, students work in teams to identify and solve difficult problems that address important societal needs. In 2017, Jabil mentored teams of students, contributed feedback and guidance to the program, and provided participants with tours of our Blue Sky facilities in San Jose. The program served 214 students during its inaugural year and is now expanding nationally to serve 2,000 students in 2018.


High school students regularly visit Jabil’s Blue Sky Center in San Jose as part of FlexFactor®.


“Our partnership with Jabil allows us to bring advanced manufacturing to life for students. Touring Jabil’s Blue Sky Center is a unique experience that increases student and teacher understanding of the possibilities created by this field. We regularly hear from students that their experience at Jabil provides them with knowledge and direction fundamentally different from anything else they experience in their academic education.” - Brynt Parmeter, Director of Workforce Development, Education and Training, NextFlex.


Nearly three quarters of our global workforce is employed in manufacturing operations (“direct labor”), while the remainder work in management and other support positions (“indirect labor”). High employee turnover rates, particularly in Asia, continue to be an industry-wide challenge. Jabil invests in a variety of career growth, learning and development programs, and employee recognition initiatives to increase retention rates.

Training and Development

In Fiscal 2017:

  • Manufacturing employees received an average of 80 hours of training and
  • Management and administration employees received an average of 36 hours of training and development.



Reducing Absenteeism and Turnover through Health Care


One of the great cultural tenets of our organization is continuous improvement, and Jabil’s Deliver Best Practices global competition is a natural extension of that mindset. This annual continuous improvement program is an opportunity for project teams to share, and be rewarded for, innovative ideas and impacts across regions.

In Fiscal 2017, Jabil Chihuahua in Mexico won the Social and Environmental category for their pioneering on-site health care program. Created in 2016, the Family Medical Care Service program provides Jabil Chihuahua employees and their family members with free primary care, prescriptions and vaccinations from a licensed doctor and nurse at Jabil. After two years of programming, the results have been astounding. Average employee wait times for care have been reduced from about 340 minutes at public clinics to 20 minutes at Jabil. Absenteeism related to health has decreased by 75 percent.

By creatively addressing the issue of absenteeism from a new angle, Jabil Chihuahua is now improving the lives of its employees and their families in a significant way. To date, more than 17,500 people have been served by the program.

Jabil Chihuahua’s Family Medical Care Service program not only provides important medical care to employees but regularly extends services to the community.


Please click here to learn more about the Jabil Chihuahua Family Medical Service Program.


Managing our Human Capital

In Fiscal 2017, Jabil began preparing for the launch of a new cloud-based human resources platform to manage our workforce planning, recruitment and talent management in one unified system. The system will provide Jabil leadership with dynamic real-time data and advanced analytics to continuously improve HR programs and services, including how we respond to the needs of various labor markets. It will also provide a more intuitive experience for employees to access training modules and other resources. 

Preparations for a full transition will continue throughout Fiscal 2018, and the platform will officially launch on January 1, 2019.