Jabil Annual Shareholder Meeting

3D Sensing and Gesture Recognition

Custom, Innovative Design and Precision Manufacturing for Advanced Human-Machine Interfaces

3D Sensing and Gesture Recognition

3D sensing and gesture recognition are essential parts of the next wave in human-machine interfaces. Driven by optics technology, these sensing techniques typically operate using infrared lasers and optic filters. Jabil is an expert at designing, developing, and manufacturing solutions using both these components and integrates them into a variety of applications. Our expertise makes us a trusted and reliable business partner for our customers, saving them both time and money.

These sensing components and other electronic elements typically mount in a wide variety of materials such as glass, textiles, plastics, and ceramics. They require custom, innovative design and precision manufacturing using advanced techniques such as active alignment. And in this type of market, the pressure to bring a product to market rapidly is enormous. The supply chain, from material management through shipping, must perform flawlessly to return profits from high-volume items selling at ever-falling prices.

Jabil Capabilities

We recognize the unrelenting acceleration in the pace of change, and that uncertainty and risk abound in both mature and emerging markets. To ensure customers’ sustained growth, Jabil simplifies these complexities by providing end-to-end product development with comprehensive engineering capabilities.

With operations in over 90 sites in 23 countries, we’ve designed and built miniaturized light sources and projection modules, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) modules, light-steering solutions, and micro-displays. We build these and other vertically-integrated solutions on a foundation of:

  • Product strategy and conceptualization — research, branding, user experience, and industrial design
  • Design engineering and rapid prototyping — optimized products before production
  • Materials technology — molding and tooling, visual and complex mechanics
  • Process innovation — advanced manufacturing, assembly, test processes
  • Automation — high-efficiency, complex, and high-tolerance process robotics
  • Design verification and test development — production test development, meticulous failure analysis, and reliability testing

And, Jabil test platforms optimize final assembly, test, and pack (FATP) processes from firmware programming and board test through customization, labeling, and packaging.