Autonomous Construction Equipment

Vidyard Cover


Heavy equipment is designed to operate for decades. This has created a scenario where providers are forced to store and manage decades of legacy parts for their inventory. This is a cumbersome, cost-inefficient and slow way to serve and support customers. 

This is exactly why the heavy equipment industry is ready for the innovations and benefits that come with additive manufacturing. 

Whether you are building heavy equipment for mining, construction or agriculture, it can be extremely difficult to support low or mid-volume production runs with cost-effective, repeatable, consistent results. Additive manufacturing helps you respond to demands for innovative product designs with appropriate levels of certification while supporting a large installed base.

The strength and benefits of additive manufacturing give you the ability to stay ahead of the pace of change in the heavy equipment industry. Know that with additive manufacturing, you’re well positioned to eliminate barriers to cost-effective design, production, manufacture, and delivery of parts and equipment.  

Jabil is excited to work with you to realize large-scale improvements in how you manage the design, manufacture, and delivery of innovative parts and equipment.