Application Engineering

Engineering for True Brand Brilliance Beyond the First Look

Jabil adds innovation and market differentiation to your products with its considerable expertise in the latest design, decorative, and engineering technologies. Beyond a dazzling “first moment of truth,” our packaging solutions delight customers when they open and use a product as well — clearly differentiating your business to build true brand brilliance.

Smart Packaging

From concept and design, through manufacture, to the customer experience, driving brand revenue means integrating performance and value. With over 60-years’ experience innovating packaging solutions for the world’s top brands, comprehensive Jabil solutions help customers optimize products with end-to-end, single-vendor accountability.

  • Intelligent Packaging: Custom packaging solutions with 2-level interaction for greater customer engagement
  • Active Packaging: Devices that provide information or dispense product leveraging technologies
  • Rigid Packaging: Core packaging technologies including plastics injection, blow mold, thermoform and compression molding
  • Consumer Devices: Durable precision mechanical/electronic assemblies that improve the delivery application and usage of consumables through IoT

Smart packaging is how brand leaders contend with emerging trends. Customized shapes can draw attention as well as fit more effectively on shelf space. Digitization enables a connected experience, leveraging social media marketing techniques. Sustainability is increasingly a legislated requirement, going beyond simple customer preference. And brand authentication ensures a secure and verifiable supply chain.

To help you meet and leverage these challenges, Jabil vertically-integrated packaging solutions deliver:

  • Collaborative ideation and innovative design capabilities
  • Expertise in both traditional rigid plastics and innovative barrier technologies
  • Global manufacturing plants
  • Cost-effective solutions for IoT-enabled packages
  • World-class supply-chain analytics, risk mitigation, and buying power

Jabil’s Application Engineering expertise is located throughout the world.