Wearable Technology

Jabil Precision Automation

Formerly Jabil Chad Automation

Precision in Wearables

The proliferation of wearables takes the complexity of mobile device miniaturization and magnifies the complexity by integrating all the electronics into a wide variety of odd-shaped outer packages, require flexibility, resist heat and shock stresses, and be waterproof!

Final assembly often requires intricate assembly processes with sensitive components. Most customers have the need for multiple assembly processes, including adhesive dispensing (and curing), vision guided pick and place, screw fastening, as well as inspection. 

Jabil Precision Automation can automate the application of adhesives including UV Cure, 2-part epoxy, CA (cyanoacrylate), and hot melt, in very precise amounts and in very precise locations. PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) die cuts can be automatically presented and applied to component assemblies. Screw sizes down to M1 can be handled, typically with sensing to detect stripped or crossed threading errors. Let us look at your product assembly process, and we will tell you how it can be automated.


  • Smart Watches
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Headphones
  • Smart Eyewear
  • Smart Apparel

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