NyproMold Custom Mold Development

A World leader in the Design and Manufacture of High-Precision Plastic Injection Molds

NyproMold Custom Mold Development

Since 1987, NyproMold has advanced our customers’ molding capabilities and accelerated product launches through effective collaboration, data-driven engineering systems, and a comprehensive, end-to-end approach. The pressures to deliver product with advanced designs to market on-time and on-budget have increased significantly. NyproMold leverages the latest mold technologies to save precious seconds off the manufacturing process that, in high-volume runs, leads to savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

NyproMold expertise in plastic injection molding improves the reliability and longevity of the manufacturing process, from one cavity to 144 cavities and beyond, serving the healthcare, packaging, and consumer-electronics markets. Our team of over 160 mold-industry experts uses state-of-the-art engineering tools, machining centers, and in-machine quality systems to guarantee industry-leading accuracy and 100% mold component interchangeability. Applying 3D computed tomography (CT) scanning lets us non-destructively visualize, measure, and analyze precision parts and assemblies internally and externally. This yields fast, accurate results that save our customers significant time and effort.

NyproMold custom mold capabilities include:

  • Plastic part optimization
  • Mold engineering development
  • Mold-life asset management
  • High-precision mold manufacturing
  • Mold qualification and plastic part validation