Jabil Annual Shareholder Meeting

Optical Manufacturer

Creating Groundbreaking Optical Modules and Devices, Miniature to Massive

Optical Manufacturer

Jabil's optical engineering team designs and engineers complex, high-efficiency optoelectronics modules for healthcare, automotive, industrial, and digital-home applications. With extensive expertise and patented processes, Jabil collaborates with customers to create groundbreaking optical modules and devices — ranging in size from miniature to massive. Partners also benefit from our end-to-end production capabilities, from innovative design to precision, high-volume manufacturing and distribution.

Our optical, mechanical, and electronics design capabilities are particularly valuable with components that have extremely-small form factors. Cameras and sensors used in mobile devices are good examples. For all our applications, rapid prototyping enables iterative designs and a faster ramp to production. An on-site verification lab is another vital asset.

A disciplined Lean Six Sigma approach to manufacturing lets us manufacture both autofocus and fixed-focus optical components with a production volume of up to 26,000 units per day. Our processes ensure precision placement using active-alignment technology, all verified by in-house final optics testing. Going to market, experienced new product introduction (NPI) teams manage programs globally. And during all production activities, a centralized customer interface provides comprehensive visibility throughout the supply chain.


Jabil embedded optical solutions are easy to integrate with extremely-small form factors, high precision, and high resolution. In addition to computational camera modules and projection systems with wide fields of view, our optics applications include:

  • Camera systems and measurement devices
  • Miniaturized projection modules
  • Automotive head-up displays
  • Endoscopy and single-use camera systems
  • Gesture-recognition modules
  • Large-format displays