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Optical Test

Optical Test Equipment

From improving system designs to customizing test algorithms and functional testing Jabil applies comprehensive optical test expertise to help companies increase quality at all stages of the product lifecycle. Our test processes include precision placement using active-alignment technology and through-focus, thermal-drift, lens-vignetting, and field curvature checks, all verified by in-house final testing.

Meticulous testing is just part of our disciplined Lean Six Sigma approach to manufacturing that lets us produce up to 26,000 units per day of both autofocus and fixed-focus optical components. Going to market, experienced new product introduction (NPI) teams manage programs globally. And during all production activities, a centralized customer interface provides comprehensive visibility throughout the supply chain.


Our optical test equipment and capabilities include:

  • Agilent 3070 ICT
  • Teradyne ICT
  • Agilent and Vitrox automated optical inspection
  • X-ray (5DX and X6K – automated)
  • Environmental stress screening chamber
  • Humidity chamber
  • HALT and HASS
  • CheckSum ICT and on-board programming
  • Takaya (flying probe)
  • RF equipment (vector signal generator, spectrum/network analyzer, power sensor, frequency counter)
  • Agilent 8960 (GSM/CDMA/WCDMA testing)
  • Agilent N4010A (Bluetooth/WiFi)
  • CL200, light sensor array
  • IC programming (DataIO, HiLo)
  • Bead probe technology