Power Electronics

Empowering Utilities

Power Electronics involves the use of semiconductors to control and convert electrical power. Power Electronics covers a wide range from energy harvesting at micro-watts and fractions of volts to large industrial machines at mega-watts and thousands of volts.

The market for Power Electronics has grown rapidly in recent years due to a number of trends. Technology breakthroughs in lithium batteries, high-power transistors, digital signal processors, and permanent magnet motors have dramatically increased power capability and features, reduced size and cost, and made new applications feasible. Environment concerns and grid capacity issues are driving the demand for renewable and distributed energy sources. Rapid urbanization is driving the adoption of electric vehicles and high-speed rail while increasing energy demand. The shifting of global economic power and energy proliferation is increasing reliability expectations and the growth of microgrids.

Power Electronics can be found across many industries and markets. At the heart of power electronics is the conversion of electricity between alternating current and direct current. Alternating current can be found in the electric grid, driving motors or generated from a wind turbine. Direct current is associated with batteries, solar panels or low voltage electronics. Often the conversion of electricity is the primary purpose of a product, however, power electronics can also be found as a subsystem within a device; conditioning the power to drive LED lighting or varying the speed of a motor within an appliance.

Jabil's Power Electronics development team consists of a highly experienced, focused engineers specializing in power conversion, thermal management, photovoltaic solar inverters, battery management, and motor control.

The Power Electronics group uses its deep technical capabilities to complement Jabil Design Engineering's broad industry experience. With a focus on getting products to market, this combination makes for the ideal partnership with our customer's development team.

Jabil’s Power Engineering expertise is located throughout the world.