Jabil Annual Shareholder Meeting

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Focused on Communities, the Environment, and the Worldwide Economy

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our focus on Social and Environmental Responsibility is on employee safety and well-being, mitigating environmental impact and positively impacting communities. This commitment guides our innovative global sustainable business practices and product development.

Jabil empowers all employees with comprehensive training, a strong safety culture and opportunities for further education. And we support our employees’ passions for giving back, promoting volunteerism and in-kind giving that both enrich the lives of our people and increase the resilience of our communities.

Jabil’s innovative approaches to sustainability are critical factors in reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and water consumption. For example, advanced robotic processes increase plant efficiency; engineering sensors and connectivity in medical devices reduces travel to and from caregivers; and our intelligent digital supply chain solutions enable smart, sustainable procurement to cut costs and footprints.