Procurement Operations

Jabil Delivers Standardized Processes and Automation of Key Transformational Procedures that Follow Negotiated Contract and Policies on Behalf of the Customer

Stay Ahead of Procurement Operations Supply and Speed Challenges

Procurement teams today are facing increasing difficulties sourcing sufficient quantities of parts. Moreover, these organization often are struggling to keep up with the frantic pace of today’s business environment. Far too often, companies are bogged down with the laborious tasks of managing commodity components, leaving insufficient time and resources to focus on more important, high-value parts. For many of these companies, the burdens of performing procurement operations are simply too great to handle themselves.

Procurement Operations relieves companies from the cost and effort required to conduct their own procurement activities. It also liberates organizations from routine commodity-management tasks, allowing teams to focus on high-value parts. Procurement Operations delivers improved operational efficiencies and best practices for purchasing execution. The solution offers centralized regional procurement, negotiated agreements and the creation of efficient processes across all purchase categories. It also supports the implementation and reporting of additional supply-chain improvements such as inventory and transportation analysis.

Flexible And Scalable Cost Model

Does your team struggle to keep up or have capacity constraints? Jabil’s Procurement Operations service allows you to scale your procurement practice as your business needs change. Now, tasks such as transaction and order processing (procure-to-pay) and procuring to a customer's MRP, can all be handled by Jabil experts. Whether you lack expertise in a specific commodity or need to further reduce costs, this on-demand approach affords the flexibility to ensure business continuity.

Regionalized Global Procurement Centers

Could your team benefit from the buying power and expertise of a company with four centralized regional global procurement centers that purchase from over 27,000 established suppliers? From buying to delivery, you can now leverage our 2,000 in-region procurement experts to work on your behalf. This regionalized expertise combined with our close-knit supplier relationships, provides efficient operations at a fraction of the cost—with on-time delivery.

Established Systems, Infrastructure and Processes

Do you have the time to build the skillsets, technologies, and best-in-class procurement processes that will allow you to thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment? The Procurement Operations service harnesses the robust, scalable infrastructure that Jabil has built over 20 years to help 450 of the world’s most influential brands get their products to market on-time and under budget. Now, the same tools, intelligent technologies and robotic process automation techniques can be leveraged within your business to achieve increased efficiency, flexibility and cost leadership.

Partner with a Procurement Leader

  • Jabil operates 5 centralized global procurement operations centers that employ over 2000 procurement delivery experts.
  • Jabil operates strategically located sourcing and purchasing operations in over 100 dedicated locations.
  • Jabil manages the entire end-to-end procurement lifecycle for over 450 of the world’s most influential brands.
  • Jabil’s procurement experts manage over 150 tightly managed commodity categories ranging from optics and sensors to packaging and metals.

Unleash Your Company’s Procurement Potential

Could your company’s procurement organization achieve dramatically higher efficiency while realigning its operations to focus on more important tasks? Find out by scheduling a complimentary consultation call with a Jabil expert today. Complete the form to learn more.

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