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Technology Exploration

Exploring Technology Creatively While Striving for Product Excellence

Technology Exploration

As Jabil engineers meet a particular design or manufacturing challenge, their eyes are open to opportunity. If a material works well for one application, it might be appropriate for something that simply wasn’t thought of before. One material might work perfectly well, but if the design changes a bit, a product might be able to use something different that costs less. This is how Jabil engineers explore technology — always creatively, and always striving for product excellence in the context of practical, efficient solutions.

We help explore how technology delivers value to consumers today and tomorrow, what works best, and what reduces risk and uncertainty compared to what is currently available.

Our expertise in helping customers determine what to make and why includes:

  • Technical feasibility
  • Technology assessments
  • Technology trend analysis
  • Advanced manufacturing planning 

For more information on Technology Exploration, visit Radius Innovation & Development, the global innovation and product development consultancy of Jabil.