Jabil Annual Shareholder Meeting

Wireless Broadband

Enabling Diverse Applications Vital for Modern Communications

Wireless Technology Company

Wireless technologies are vital for modern communications, connecting both mobile devices and fixed home and office locations. Jabil has advanced expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing mobile and fixed wireless broadband components that leverage Ku-band, mmWave, and other frequency ranges to enable diverse applications, including:

  • Cell-tower infrastructure
  • Mobile backhaul
  • Satellite antenna subsystems
  • HD CCTV networks
  • Internode communication (through fiber)

These devices typically contain complex antennas, power amplifiers, and radio transceivers requiring exacting and innovative design and precision manufacturing using advanced automation techniques.

Jabil is the product solutions partner of choice for customers at the center of next-generation wireless technology. We understand and support key technological shifts that will drive growth across the telecommunications industry. Our capabilities include wireless network technologies in multi-standard infrastructure through to LTE, microwave backhaul, wireless broadband access, and security.