Q3FY2019 Financial Results

Jabil Culture

Acting responsibly toward our employees, environment, and communities goes beyond policies and mandates at Jabil — it’s embedded in our values.

The Jabil Family – 180,000 Strong

At Jabil, we believe that every employee, regardless of title, powers our success. Jabil has multiple employee-focused programs at all our global locations to build a strong culture that transcends geographies.

Supporting Communities through Jabil Cares

Whether through constructing houses, donating supplies, repairing playgrounds or inventing new uses for recyclable products, employees are constantly supporting our communities through three focus areas: Empowerment, Education and Environment.

Celebrating High Performing Employees through Respect. Recognize. Reward.

Jabil's Respect. Recognize. Reward. program recognizes employees who have embraced our cultural values through action. This program highlights the importance of a respectful working environment, acknowledges employees’ superior performance, and their commitment to helping others.

Embracing Innovation through Deliver Best Practices

Each year, we celebrate the most innovative ways our employees have positively impacted the business over the past year. Recognition is given to initiatives in four categories: Customer Satisfaction, Human Development, Operational Excellence, and Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Commiting to Environmental Responsibility

We make decisions with the environment in mind, and are continually employing new efforts to lighten our impact on natural resources. At Jabil, we continually strive to ensure our operations around the world are meeting high standards while we help our customers stay on the cutting edge of green technology and product design. We believe these investments make Jabil a more sustainable company and partner to our customers who share our values.