Jabil Partners with Optelian to Digitize Optical Networking

Optelian Partners with Jabil to Digitize Optical Networking

“Jabil has a business model that wraps around the customer, which was really key.”

- Dave Weymouth, Co-founder & CEO, Optelian

In the highly competitive and often unpredictable telecom market, Optelian takes pride in offering customers both high-tech solutions and high-touch service, stretching back to their start in 2002.

Over time, however, the volatility of the optics market and the need to scale manufacturing resources on-demand created an operational burden, and Optelian sought a manufacturing partner that could take over product execution. Not only did Optelian need a partner with strong optics and electronics manufacturing expertise, but the company also wanted to work with an organization that puts a premium on advancing its own core optical technology.

Jabil was best suited to meet its current and evolving manufacturing requirements.

And, as the partnership matures, additional Jabil services and capabilities will uniquely position Optelian to tailor its business quickly - meeting fluctuating market and customer needs with precision and agility.

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