Nypro Combines Three Unique Capabilities into a Single Patient Monitoring Solution

March 21, 2017

Sometimes innovation is as simple as pulling existing technologies from the shelf and integrating them smartly into a seamless solution. The Nypro Shanghai Design Team, in collaboration with Jabil’s recent acquisition Clothing+ and their partner Firstbeat, has come up with a technology demonstrator that combines three technologies into a single patient monitoring solution.

  • Nypro’s ECG patch device – besides being a small on-body ECG monitor - demonstrates a number of technologies, such as wireless charging (Qi compliant) NFC, Bluetooth LE and acceleration sensors
  • Clothing+ offers joining technologies that integrate sensors into fabrics as t-shirts, sports bras, shorts, chest straps, etc.
  • Firstbeat fitness monitoring and data analytics capabilities receive, manage and analyze data coming wirelessly from the ECG sensor

Over the course of three months, our Nypro Design & Engineering Team, led by Xingwang Chen in Shanghai, has created a working prototype of an ECG patch that can be clipped onto a sports t-shirt to measure your heart rate and ECG signals, sending the information to your smartphone, where the data goes through analytics based on heart rate variability.