Devicification! The Consumer Devices Webinar

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Look around you – down the store aisle, online and likely in your very own home or office. Across every segment, from food & beverage, to CPG and consumer health, we’re seeing the “devicification” of consumer products. By that, we’re talking about the rise of connected product dispensing devices and consumables - and that’s the subject of this complimentary Jabil Packaging Solutions webinar.

For consumers, these devices offer convenience and breakthrough product experiences that can delight. In return, they reward brands with their loyalty, through repeated consumable purchases, leaving the competition out of the equation.

And the value to brands doesn’t end there. Thanks to the proliferation of IoT technologies, connected devices offer the opportunity to tap into a rich stream of data and develop breakthrough value-added offerings: from auto-replenishment and delivery, to entirely new business models.

The appeal of consumer devices and consumables may be clear, but innovating, launching and supporting such a product ecosystem can be daunting for even the most seasoned brand.

You’re invited to join our devicification duo: Julio Oropeza, Senior Business Unit Director for Consumer Devices at Jabil Packaging Solutions, and Joss Warburton, Director of Design and devices expert at Radius Innovation and Development, as they discuss:

  • What’s driving “devicification”
  • Common types of devices
  • New data, new business models
  • Success stories
  • Answers your questions

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Julio Oropeza

Senior Business Unit Director, Consumer Devices, Jabil Packaging Solutions

Julio Oropeza is the Senior Business Unit Director for Jabil Packaging Solutions, responsible for the Consumer Device segment. Central to the Jabil Packaging Solutions Strategy, the Consumer Device division also includes the Smart Packaging initiative, offering Durable and Connected solutions to our core Packaging customers to drive convenience, loyalty and consumer data value. Julio holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Article Contributed By:

Joss Warburton

Director of Design, Radius Innovation and Development

Joss has a broad range of design consultancy and manufacturing industry experience managing, designing and leading projects - from consumer electronics and digital connected systems at Dyson, to major automotive companies such as General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz. He has also worked in industries like custom specialized vehicles and even footwear. Joss brings a global perspective, working in countries such as China, the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada for Fortune 500 companies.

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