Infographic: Accelerated Innovation

Innovation at the speed of digital.

More than 40% of executives that participated in a PwC study agreed that innovation is a “competitive necessity” for their organization. In addition to that, 60% of CEOs interviewed by McKinsey believe that half of their income will come from technology-enabled innovations. Another study from the Harvard Business School estimates that 95% of consumer product launches fail.

With that kind of expectation, and the fierce nature of competition coming at companies from new disruptors, as well as consumer expectations around personalization and instant gratification being at an all-time high, innovation must be fast and right the first time.

This infographic will show you how Jabil and Radius are working together to slash the time taken to get an idea from the back of your napkin to front door of the consumer. Fill out the form to receive your copy of the infographic and let us know if you want to speak to Jabil about accelerating your innovation, today!