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Certifying Additive Manufactured Parts for Aerospace and Defense Webinar Presented by Jabil Additive

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This on-demand webinar Certifying Additive Manufactured Parts for Aerospace and Defense explores:


  • Certifying additive manufactured parts for the aerospace and defense industry
  • A brief history of Jabil and our relationship with the industry
  • Discussing certifications and risks of additive manufacturing
  • Finding out if you are ready to incorporate additive manufacturing with design capabilities and production requirements
  • Discussing what is needed for a supplier partnership
  • Review what you need to know about Materials, Processes and Machines (MPM)


Brett Lyons

Brett Lyons
Chief Corporate Scientist
Engineering Services

Brett Lyons is Chief Corporate Scientist for Jabil Additive’s Aerospace sector. Prior to joining Jabil, Brett spent more than 9 years in Boeing Commercial Product Development and as an Associate Technical Fellow. Brett was a Boeing designated expert in Additive Manufacturing, was team lead for the 2012 ecoDemonstrator, which received the BCA engineering team of the year award. He holds 14 U.S. patents and received the 2013 Boeing Special Invention Award. One key project Brett joined was “challenging physics” with the Lotus F1 Team, developing and testing parts for the team’s Formula One cars, which were developed new each year. In addition, Brett worked in the University of Michigan 3D Lab as a senior research technician. He holds a Master of Science degree in engineering, mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan.



Chris Huskamp
Chris Huskamp
Sr. Business Unit Manager

Chris Huskamp is the Senior Business Unit Manager for Jabil Additive’s Aerospace and Defense sectors. With 21 years in the aerospace industry in both the sub-contractor and prime rolls, his expertise is transitioning new materials and processes into certified end-use applications. Most recently, he was the President of IBC Advanced Alloys Engineered Materials Division the was a critical supplier to the Defense Industry. His focus there was to certify, expand the adaptation of and commercialize their BeAl casting technology. Having spent 11 years with The Boeing Company as an Associate Technical Fellow with an expertise in additive and net shape processes, he has lead the process development, qualification and transition of the technology to the production supply chain for the fly-away components. This includes Selective Laser Sintering Nylon 11 and FR106 materials, which are the benchmarks for on-aircraft additive components. His experience has spanned commercial and defense aircraft platforms, motorsports, commercial products. Chris graduated from the University of Missouri – Rolla with a BS of Metallurgical Engineering in 1997.

Jabil Additive Aerospace Overview

Jabil Additive’s ITAR Compliant facility enables aerospace customers to cost effectively scale programs while meeting rigorous standards. As one site in the 200-machine Jabil Additive Manufacturing Network, the Seattle facility focuses on responsive production with customer qualified or Jabil Engineered Materials, tailored to customer requirements.

Discover more about Jabil Additive and the aerospace industry by downloading the overview of our Jabil Additive Aerospace Facilities.